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Do you know why the quality of pond water is very important for the growth of catfish? Maybe all this time you thought that the quality of catfish pond water had absolutely no effect on fish growth. In fact, the growth of catfish will be disrupted if the pond they live in smells bad, is slimy, and is cloudy white.

The unfavorable condition of catfish pond water is caused by: leftover feed, organic matter, toxins, and other harmful substances that settle in the pond. These conditions will cause stress and reduce the fish's appetite. As a result, the fish mortality rate will be high and your harvest will not be optimal.

So, what are the good pond conditions for catfish growth? This article will discuss how good pool water quality is and how to maintain it. Come on, find out below!

Good Catfish Pond Water Conditions

The good condition of catfish pond water can be seen from the color of the pond water and the odor it emits. Come on, let's discuss one by one starting with the color of the water. Good catfish pond water is represented in several colors, depending on environmental conditions and the care you provide. Good catfish pond water is usually light green, dark green, light brown, and reddish brown.

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Source: Agrotek

Colored water light green showed the presence of plankton with low density of manifold chlorophyll Cyanobacteria And Gloeotrichia echinulata. This plankton can increase oxygen levels in the pond and increase the appetite of catfish.

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Source: Ikankoi.org

If the water is colored dark green, a sign that the pool water is dense with chlorophyll plankton. The dense color of the water can also prevent stress on the fish because it will make the fish feel safe and avoid predators from outside the pond. Even though it is safe, you must also remain vigilant so that organic pollution in pool water is not too high.

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Source: Dew Flood

Watercolor light brown usually occurs in ground pools, jetted pools, and concrete pools. If the color of your pool water is light brown, it means that the content of organic matter and minerals in the water is sufficient. This also shows that you are providing enough feed and not overdoing it.

kolam ikan lele kemerahan
Source: My Farm

Watercolor reddish brown also good for catfish because of the presence of probiotic bacteria which function to decompose waste and maintain water quality. Apart from the presence of probiotic bacteria, the reddish brown color is also caused by the appearance of plankton Diatoms and algae Rhodophyta.

In addition to the colors of the water above, the characteristics of good quality catfish pond water are also marked by the absence of an ammonia smell coming from the pond water. Ammonia is waste which is very dangerous and toxic to fish. If your catfish pond water contains ammonia, take a random sample of fish to check. This is done to anticipate the spread of diseases caused by ammonia.

To find out whether your pond water is comfortable for catfish seeds, you can do a trial run on the seeds. If on the first, second and third day the fingerlings move actively, are responsive to sound and feed, then the water quality is practically good. If not, improve the water quality in the way below!

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How to Maintain and Improve the Quality of Catfish Pond Water

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Source: Mediane Kita

There are many ways you can do to maintain or improve the quality of catfish pond water. One way is to drain the pool regularly. You only need to change the pool water if the water smells fishy, smells of ammonia, and the fish's appetite decreases. You can do this by removing ⅔ of the pond water so that the remaining feed in the pond is also wasted. If so, you can refill the pool water and then add a certain dose of hygienic fertilizer to physically restore the fish and restore their appetite.

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Source: Public Info

You are also advised to put a wheel over the pond to increase the oxygen content in the pool water. Oxygen is very useful for fish growth because even though fish breathe with gills, fish still need oxygen to breathe.

Apart from that, you can grow plankton which can later become natural food for fish and make pond water green. The way to make catfish pond water green is to sprinkle SP 36 urea and dolomite lime into the pond water. If there is already plankton produced, the color of the pond water will turn green. The more plankton contained, the darker the green color of the water will be.

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Maintain Water Conditions in Catfish Ponds with eFeeder

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Ladies and gentlemen, those are the characteristics of good pool water and ways to maintain and improve its quality. I hope you find this article helpful, OK? Of course, you still remember the article discussing one of the factors causing poor water quality is accumulated feed. So, how to make feeding more efficient so that no feed accumulates? eFishery have a solution for you.

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