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Survival Rate (SR) and how to calculate shrimp SR are important things that Farmers should know. Why so? Because the percentage value of SR can measure your success in shrimp farming for 1 cycle.

So, what formula can be used to calculate shrimp SR? Get the answer in this article!

SR on Shrimp

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In shrimp farming, not all farmers can produce a successful harvest. There are separate parameters used to measure the success of cultivation. This parameter is a percentage Survival Rate (SR). SR is one of the parameters used to determine the survival percentage of shrimp fry stocked in 1 cultivation cycle. In shrimp farming, SR is influenced by several factors such as stocking density, feeding management, water quality management, and pest and disease control.

In general, the ideal percentage of SR in shrimp farming is 80-90%. However, the reality on the ground is not that good. The average percentage of SR owned by shrimp farmers in Indonesia is currently only 70-80%.

The ideal SR figure does not happen by itself. This figure comes from the results of your business for 1 cultivation cycle. To get the ideal SR number, you can use additional cultivation components such as vitamins and disinfectants. Vitamins are widely used to strengthen the body's resistance of shrimp. Meanwhile, disinfectants are used to eradicate various kinds of viruses, bacteria, and diseases that can infect shrimp.

How to Calculate Shrimp SR

Before calculating SR, you must have data on the number of shrimp fingerlings stocked at the beginning of the cultivation cycle and the number of shrimp that can be harvested. Therefore, you need to record everything that happens during the cultivation cycle. 

To calculate shrimp SR, use the following formula:

cara menghitung sr udang

Example of Shrimp SR Calculation

To practice calculating SR using the formula above, consider the following example questions!

Mr. Sabar spreads shrimp fry at a density of 150 heads/ in 3 ponds with an area of 100 . If at the end of the harvest the shrimp population in all ponds is 41,500, what is the SR?

Stocking population = 150 individuals/ x 3 pools x 100 = 45,000 head

Final population = 41,500 individuals

SR = 91.500/45.000 x100%
SR = 92.2%

From the example questions above, we already know that the SR cycle of Pak Sabar's shrimp pond is 92.2%. In shrimp farming, the ideal SR number is in the range of 80-90%. It means, if the SR number that you get is above 90%, the cultivation methods and techniques that you apply are good and correct.

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Questions Regarding How to Calculate Shrimp SR (Survival Rate).

Survival Rate (SR) is one of the parameters to determine the survival percentage of shrimp fry stocked in one cultivation cycle.

To calculate shrimp SR, you can divide jthe number of shrimp harvested with jthe number of shrimp stocks at the beginning of cultivation and then multiplied 100%

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