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Learning how to start a business selling fresh fish is very important for you to know if you want to start a business selling fish. Not only to avoid yourself from losses, the right way to sell fish will also make you get a lot of profit and have a sustainable business.

It's not only the method that needs to be known, business opportunities and several factors that you also have to pay attention to in order to have a successful business. Come on, read more in this article!

Business Opportunity Selling Fresh Fish

With a well-thought-out plan and proper business management, the business of selling fresh fish can generate high profits. The business of selling fresh fish is one of the business opportunities with very bright prospects, because fresh fish is one of the main consumptions of the Indonesian people.

This is because the reach of consumers that this business can touch is very wide, moreover selling fish can be done in conventional or digital ways. You can sell fish conventionally by opening a fish shop in a market or in a densely populated area. Meanwhile, selling fish digitally can be done through social media and website or buying and selling application on line.

Another thing that makes business opportunities selling fresh fish even better is the diversity of types of fish that you can sell. You can choose fresh water fish or fresh sea water fish for sale. In choosing the type of fish to sell, there are many things to consider, including the distance the fish is traveling from suppliers to your place of business.

Mileage is very important because it relates to the level of durability of fresh fish and the cost of gasoline that you have to spend.

The level of profit offered by the business of selling fresh fish is quite a lot. The average fish seller can take a profit margin of around 30% to 50% for each fish per kilogram. If you are interested in selling fresh fish, let's find out how to get started and the factors to pay attention to!

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Factors to Consider When Selling Fresh Fish

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In starting a business buying and selling fresh fish, you cannot do it carelessly because a business that is done carelessly can cause losses. Moreover, fresh fish is not something that can be stored for a long time. To be successful in selling fresh fish, learn the following factors, come on!

1. Fish Storage

Even though you sell fresh fish, you still need it freezer to keep the freshness of the fish so it doesn't spoil quickly. Besides freezer, Mr / Ms also need some box which is equipped with ice blocks to store fish. To further save expenses, you can store fish in box made of styrofoam.

2. Selling Locations

In order to attract more buyers, you must place your store in a busy and strategic location. In addition, a strategic location will have a wider sales range.

3. Knowledge in Fish Business

Before getting into the business of selling fish, you must have general knowledge about important things in the fish business. This knowledge can be obtained from research on things that must be maintained during the fish business.

For example, knowledge about the level of freshness, types and prices of fish in the market. Knowledge of these things can prevent you from losing money selling fish.

4. How to keep fish fresh

There are 2 general ways that you can use to make fish survive with good freshness. The first way is to let the fish live while the shipment is in progress. For this method, you need a special place where the water can contain enough oxygen to keep the fish alive. You also need to pay attention to the level of acidity or pH of the water, temperature, and feed in the fish storage area.

The second way is to keep the freshness of the fish even though the fish is dead by storing it in the refrigerator box equipped with ice cubes. Mr / Ms can use styrofoam box in which a lot of ice cubes have been put in.

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How to Start a Business Selling Fresh Fish

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After knowing the business opportunity and the factors that need to be considered in selling fresh fish, it's time for you to know how. Follow the following method of selling fresh fish so that your business will be successful!

1. Searching Suppliers Right Fish

The business opportunity to sell fresh fish will be very promising if you have one suppliers right fish. Do not let, when the demand for fish increases, the fish stocks owned suppliers the least. Therefore, before starting a business selling fresh fish, you must look for it suppliers right and reliable first.

2. Determine the type of fish to be sold

There are several reasons why you must determine the type of fish to be sold. One of them is determining the right target market. That is, sometimes in an area there are types of fish that are popular and some are not. So before starting a business selling fresh fish, you must do market research first.

3. Determining Capital

The next way that you have to do in starting a business selling fresh fish is to determine the capital in great detail. Business capital concerns the purchase price of fresh fish from suppliers, shipping costs, packaging costs, to promotional costs. This is necessary so that later the existing capital can be more planned and on target.

4. Determine the Sales Method to the Selling Price

After determining the purchase price, along with packaging and shipping, the next step is to determine the selling price. In selling fresh fish, sellers generally take a profit of 30-50%. After the selling price is determined, you can determine the sales method. You can choose whether to sell fresh fish directly to consumers, through retailers, or directly to restaurants.

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Questions About How to Start a Business Selling Fresh Fish

Profits from selling fresh fish are usually 30-50% from the capital that has been issued

Fresh fish business is very profitable if done in the right way.

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