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Sir/Madam are catfish farming but the fish are not big? Generally, the root of the problem is catfish food. Catfish food is the main determinant of fish growth. Lack and excess of feed can be bad for the growth of catfish. So the way to make catfish grow big fast is to maintain the quality of catfish feed.

The quality of catfish feed will determine the growth and development of your catfish. Just like other living things, catfish need nutrition to grow and develop. If the nutrition is given a little, growth will be disrupted.

This article will discuss how to make catfish grow big quickly by meeting the nutritional needs of catfish food. Let's see!

Understand the Nutritional Needs of Catfish to Grow Big Fast!

Catfish food is the key to success in catfish farming, because feed is the energy for fish to grow and develop. Therefore, the better the quality of the feed, the faster the harvest and the quality of the catfish will be.

If you want catfish farming to grow up fast, according to Ghufran (2007) there are several nutrients that must be met, namely as follows:

Nutritional needs












1. Proteins

Protein is a body building element needed by catfish to grow and develop. Protein is obtained from the feed that you give to the catfish. The optimal amount of protein given to catfish food is in the range of 35-40%

2. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the fundamental elements for the growth of your catfish. Carbohydrates are metabolized in the fish's body and converted into glucose which is used as an energy source. Therefore, make sure the catfish food you are given contains carbohydrates between 10-20%.

3. Fat

Fat is an important nutrient to support the growth of catfish. Fat serves to efficiently use protein in the body of fish. Make sure the fat in the fish feed ranges from 9.5-10% so that your catfish has sufficient nutrition.

4. Minerals

Minerals are elements that catfish need in small quantities. The function of minerals is very important, namely as elements that help catfish metabolism and bone formation. Although minerals can be obtained from pond water, catfish usually experience a deficiency of several minerals such as phosphorus.

Therefore, minerals must also be added to catfish feed. The optimal amount of minerals in catfish feed is 1%

5. Vitamins

Vitamins are elements needed in the body of catfish because they play an important role in helping catfish metabolism. Catfish that are deficient in vitamins will experience some of the following symptoms.

  • Decreased appetite
  • The color of the fish changes
  • Fish balance disturbed
  • Easily attacked by bacteria

Therefore, vitamins must be given in catfish feed. The optimum amount of minerals in the feed is 0.25%-0.40%.

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3 Causes of Catfish Not Big

Catfish that don't get big is of course a concern for the cultivators. If you cultivate catfish but it doesn't grow big, here are 3 reasons!

1. Low Seed Quality

Seed quality affects the growth rate of catfish. If the brood catfish are small, the resulting puppies will also be small. For that you must choose a quality catfish.

The way to determine the quality of catfish seeds can be seen from several factors as below:

  • Catfish are actively moving
  • Have a complete and perfect physique
  • The size is uniform

Apart from that, you also have to find out the medical history of the catfish parent. Quality catfish breeding sites must have a CPIB certificate.

The CPIB certificate (Good Fish Hatchery Method) can be proof that catfish broodstock have been cared for properly and are genetically of good quality.

2. Incorrect Catfish Feeding

Catfish food is the number two cause of catfish not wanting to grow big. Feed can be the cause for several reasons, such as dosage and feed quality.

Do not give too little feed dose so that the catfish lacks nutrition. 

In addition, the quality of the feed also plays an important role for the growth and development of catfish. Previously, you were familiar with the nutritional needs of catfish. So, when making or spreading feed, take into account the needs of the catfish.

3. Disease attacks

Catfish that are attacked by the disease will lose their appetite, so that their growth becomes slow. When checking the condition of the catfish, make sure you check its health. 

There are several types of diseases that can attack catfish, such as:

  • White Spots / White Spots
  • Smallpox
  • Itch
  • Attack of parasites and pests
  • and others

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Questions About Catfish Food So That They Grow Big Fast

Some feeds that can be consumed by catfish are snails, azolla, maggot, worms and others.

Feeding catfish must be done with the right dose. Don't get too much or too little. The dose is 3-5% of body weight per day.

Catfish have nutritional needs ranging from protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

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