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perbedaan ikan nila jantan dan betina

The difference between male and female tilapia is very important for tilapia cultivators to know. The benefits are very much if you know it. Starting from the seeding of superior tilapia seeds to separation in ponds to avoid the aggressive nature of tilapia.

The aggressive nature of tilapia can also appear when there are female tilapia in the pond. Male tilapia will try to fight over the female tilapia, so that the males will be aggressive towards each other. This is the reason some cultivators separate male and female tilapia.

Distinguishing male and female tilapia is important, isn't it? Well, this article will discuss in full and clearly the key to distinguishing male and female tilapia. Let's see!

Differences in Characteristics of Tilapia Fish with Other Farmed Fish

perbedaan ikan nila dan mujair

There are several types of fish that are similar to tilapia, such as tilapia and carp. Therefore, it is important for you to be able to distinguish tilapia from the two fish.

What are the differences? Let's see!

  • Tilapia fish tail has a vertical line while tilapia fish does not have these lines
  • The tip of the tilapia fin is not red, while the tilapia fish is red
  • Tilapia has a smaller mouth than tilapia fish
  • Tilapia has a larger and rounded body while tilapia fish has a less rounded body shape and is smaller than tilapia.

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5 Differences between Male and Female Tilapia

We need to know the differences between male and female tilapia, especially for the tilapia hatchery process. There are several main characteristics that distinguish male and female tilapia. Here are 5 differences between male and female tilapia!

perbedaan ikan nila jantan dan betina

1. Form of Genitals

The male genitalia are slightly tapered in shape, while the female genitalia are oval and will release fluid (eggs) when massaged.

2. Body Color

Male tilapia has a brighter body color than the female tilapia.

3. Stomach shape

Female tilapia has a distended stomach, while male tilapia has a slimmer stomach.

4. Body Weight and Length

Male tilapia weighs between 400 grams to 600 grams with a body length of 16-25 cm, while the weight of female tilapia ranges from 300 grams to 500 grams with a body length of 14-20 cm.

5. Chin and Nose Color

The chin of the male tilapia is red-black with a widened light blue nose. Unlike the male, the female tilapia has a whitish chin with a sharp, bright nose.

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