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Hello, Mr/Mrs Cultivators! Have you ever heard of vannamei shrimp and are curious about how to successfully cultivate them?

Vaname shrimp (Littopenaeus Vannamei) is a shrimp that is very suitable for cultivation because it has a high survival rate and good resistance to disease. Even though vannamei shrimp looks easy to cultivate, there are several techniques that need to be considered so that their cultivation generates large profits.

Come on, see this article to find out successful technique of cultivating vannamei shrimp to harvest!

Cultivation Preparation Stage

1. Preparation of Pond Feasibility

This stage aims to speed up the oxidation process which can remove toxic gases and kill the seeds of pests and diseases at the bottom of the pond. This stage is carried out by drying the ponds, plowing the ponds, and returning the pH of the pond soil to an acid level 7.5-8.5.

2. Spread of Microorganisms

Here, the microorganisms prepared are microorganisms that produce natural food for shrimp. These microorganisms will also help absorb ammonia, eradicate harmful bacteria, produce oxygen, and stabilize water temperature. 

Cultivation Techniques

1. Selection and Method of Spreading Seeds

Vannamei shrimp fry that are suitable for cultivation must be healthy, certified and have a minimum size of 0.8 cm. In addition, fry also have to adapt to the temperature of the pond.

Due to their cannibalistic nature, fry stocking density must be considered. Ideally the fry are stocked at a density of 50-100 fish/m2.

2. Feed Management

Feed is a component that costs a lot. Therefore, feed must be regulated properly so that cultivators do not suffer losses. For vannamei shrimp, feed is divided into 3 types, namely flour feed (for shrimp aged <15 days), granule feed/crumbles (for shrimp aged 16-45 days), and pellets (for shrimp aged 46-120 days).

3. Observation of Water Quality

The water used is pure seawater or water with a salinity (saltiness) above 15 ppt. The water depth limit in the pond is 100 cm and must be replaced every 60 days. In order to maintain water quality, routine observations are required referring to SNI. Observations aim to determine the parameters of temperature, DO, salinity, pH, brightness, and water color.

4. Treatment and Drugs

Various treatments such as administering probiotic cultures and multivitamins must be carried out to maintain the health of vannamei shrimp. Ponds must also be given a disinfectant to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. One of the disinfectants that has been proven capable of eradicating microorganisms in ponds is Aqualisan from eFishery.

Treatment can also be done by choosing the right technique for cultivation, one of which is the biofloc technique. Shrimp cultivation techniques with the biofloc system have been proven to be able to overcome water quality problems in ponds during rearing and emergence of disease in shrimp. This technique is carried out by mixing various microbes, detritus, and organic particles. The use of biofloc technology in vannamei shrimp farming can improve water quality, increase feed efficiency, and inhibit disease development during cultivation. 

5. Harvest

Before harvesting, pond water should be given lime to prevent molting (shell replacement process) during harvest. Harvesting is done when the shrimp weigh 16-20 grams/head or are 3-4 months old. To maintain quality, harvesting can be done in whole (total harvest) or in part (partial harvest) using nets.

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