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Cultivating catfish can be a big source of income for you. Catfish its cultivation has been developed in Indonesia since 1996, with research collaboration from the European Union.

You need to know, Catfish are Indonesia's mainstay commodities because of advances in hatchery, grow-out, feed and processing technologies. 

You also have the opportunity to export catfish to other countries due to the large demand. For example in China, which imports catfish up to 34,400 tons per year.

Then is the cultivation of catfish difficult? How long can catfish be harvested? Cultivating catfish is not difficult and the cultivation period is relatively short. Only for 3-4 months, your catfish can be harvested. Interesting right?

3 Opportunities for Catfish Livestock Business

Budidaya ikan patin memiliki peluang usaha yang besar untuk Bapak/Ibu jalankan. Berikut beberapa potensi dari ternak ikan patin:

1. Market Demand

Catfish have a high market demand. The amount of catfish consumption per capita continues to increase every year reaching 21.9% from 2014-2017. 

The government also limits fish imports from abroad so that it is profitable for local farmers. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to sell catfish cultivation products.

2. Fast Growth

Catfish are famous for their fast growth, within 1 month this fish can grow to a weight of 1 kg and a length of 35-40 cm. So you can harvest catfish in a relatively short period of time.

3. High Price

Catfish also have a relatively high price in the market. The price for catfish can range from IDR 26,000-IDR 36,000. So you can reap big profits.

Analysis of Capital and Profits of Catfish Cultivation

How much capital must be spent to start cultivating catfish? How much profit did you get? Here we summarize the capital analysis and profits of catfish.

Cultivation ComponentsPrice (IDR)
Catfish Seeds (1,500 tails)IDR 3,000,000
Pellets (25 sacks for 1,500 head)IDR 6,250,000
Tarpaulin (80 m2)IDR 1,080,000
OtherIDR 500,000
TotalIDR 10,830,000

So you need a capital of IDR 10,830,000 to cultivate 1,500 catfish. Then how much profit can be obtained?

Within 6-7 months, catfish can be harvested with a weight of around 1 kg. If we assume the successful cultivation of 85%, then the number of catfish that can be harvested is 1,275 individuals. Then the total weight that you can harvest is 1,275 kg. 

If you sell it on the market for IDR 30,000, then you can make a profit of IDR 38,250,000 for one harvest. 

Total Fish WeightPrice per KgTotal Profit/Harvest
1020 kgIDR 30,000 IDR 38,250,000 

The amount of profit that you get can also increase if you increase the number of catfish to be cultivated.

Types of Catfish that Can be Cultivated

There are quite a number of catfish species in Indonesia, but there are several types of catfish that are popular for cultivation. Here are 2 types of catfish that are often cultivated.

1. Siamese catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus)

Siamese catfish is a type of catfish introduced from Thailand. This catfish can grow fast, in just 6 months it can weigh between 1.5-2 kg. 

This type of catfish has a grayish or bluish color with a silvery white belly.

2. Jambal Patin (Pangasius Djambal)

Jambal catfish is a type of catfish that has high economic value. This type of catfish has a white flesh color and a delicious taste. In addition, jambal catfish have relatively fast growth and high adaptability.

5 Proper Ways to Cultivate Catfish

Are you interested in starting catfish farming? Here are 5 ways to cultivate catfish that you need to know!

1. Making a Pool

There are several types of pools that you can use, namely tarpaulin pools, ground pools, and floating pools. If you use an earthen pool, it is recommended that the bottom of the pool is a type of non-porous clay. This type of soil can hold the mass of water so it doesn't leak easily.

However, if you use a floating pool, make sure to install it in an area with weak water currents. In addition, the construction must also be precise so as not to be damaged by heavy currents.

If you use a tarpaulin pond for cultivating catfish, make sure the drainage system, pH, water quality and so on can work properly.

You need to know, pond preparation is an important factor in cultivating catfish. This is because, a bad pond can be a nesting place for fish disease.

2. Selection of Catfish Seeds

The catfish seeds that are sold in the seed market are not of the same quality. There are superior seeds that are fast to grow and some are slow to grow. Therefore, you must choose quality catfish seeds. Following are the characteristics:

  • Balanced head and body size
  • Move agile
  • Bright body color
  • Fish seeds from quality and certified broodstock

3. Feeding

Catfish feeding is an important factor in the cultivation process. Nutritious feed will improve the quality and speed of catfish growth. You can choose from natural sources or artificial feed.

The frequency and dose of feed given also affects the development of catfish. Too much feed will cause the feed to settle, making the pond dirty. One of the best alternatives to provide feed efficiently is by eFeeders.

4. Treatment of Catfish

Treatment of catfish is important to prevent fish from being attacked by pests and diseases. Make sure there are no annoying pests such as turtles, monitor lizards and water snakes. You need to prevent access for these pests so they don't enter the pond. 

Apart from that, you also need to maintain the quality of the water so it doesn't cause the fish to get sick.

5. Harvesting Catfish

Before the harvesting process, make sure there is a market that can accommodate your harvest. Furthermore, when harvesting do not let the fish experience injuries, defects, and death when harvested. Marketing of catfish in its fresh and live form is also more attractive to consumers.

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