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Cultivation of carp is one of the fisheries that generates large profits. Carp is known as a luxury food with a high selling price.

Not only that, carp are also not fussy when cultivated. Gourami fish can live in various environmental conditions and water quality.

Do you want to start carp farming with small capital? How much capital is needed to start cultivating carp? These questions will be explained in full in this article!

Gurame Fish Cultivation Business Opportunities

Carp has a great business opportunity because this type of fish is delicious and rich in nutrients, so it is in great demand. Carp has good health benefits, ranging from helping to maintain heart health, good for brain development, to helping maintain body weight.

Even though there is a lot of market demand for carp, currently the production of carp is still small. This is because, the negative stigma that the growth of carp is slow. However, this is due to a lack of knowledge about carp cultivation.

If you can make good use of technology, such as intensive cultivation, quality feed and feeding strategies, fish can grow faster.

Analysis of Gurame Cultivation Business Capital

How much capital is needed in the cultivation of carp? The amount of capital depends on the scale of the carp farming business that you will run. If the scale that you make is large, the capital will be expensive. 

However, you can start with small capital. In the following, we present an analysis of the carp cultivation business with small capital.

Alat dan Bahan Harga
Tarpaulin (80 m2) IDR 880,000
Gurame Fish Seeds (1,500 tails) IDR 2,250,000
Bucket for Operations IDR 120,000
Pellets (25 sacks for 1,500 head) IDR 6,250,000
Vitamins and Drugs IDR 500,000
Total IDR 10,000,000

If you want to cultivate as many as 1,500 fish, you can raise a rough capital of around IDR 10,000,000. So how much profit do you get?

If we assume that in 8 months your carp has a success rate of 85%, the number of fish that can be harvested is 1,275. If the average weight of fish is 800 grams/head, the total weight of fish that can be harvested is 1,020 kg.

With a price of IDR 40,000/kg, once you harvest, you can make a profit of IDR 40,800,000.

Total Bobot Ikan Harga per Kg Total Keuntungan /panen
1020 kg IDR 40,000 IDR 40,800,000

3 Advantages of Gurame Livestock Compared to Other Fish

Cultivating carp has a great business opportunity. You can see this from several factors, such as market demand, price, and competitors.

1. Market Demand

Gurame fish has a delicious taste and high nutritional content, so it is very popular. The demand for carp continues to increase every year, so this is an opportunity for carp cultivators.

Consumers of carp are also the majority of the upper middle class because the price is expensive. You can sell carp to restaurants that provide carp menus.

2. High Selling Price

Carp has a higher selling price compared to other types of fish such as tilapia and goldfish. The price of carp is in the range of IDR 40,000-45,000, while tilapia is only IDR 30,000-35,000.

3. Minimal competitors

Gurame fish has few competitors so it will be easier for you to sell farmed fish. This is because, the cultivation time is a little longer than other fish. However, with patience and persistence, you can be successful in carp farming.

The Right Way to Cultivate Gurame Fish

Cultivating carp certainly requires patience and perseverance. However, success can be a motivation to keep going. How to cultivate carp must also be done effectively, so that cultivation can be successful.

Here are 5 ways to raise the right carp!

1. Pool Preparation

In order to make a good pond, you must choose the right location. The location of the pool must get direct sunlight. In addition, make sure the pond temperature is in the range of 26-28 degrees Celsius so that the carp grow optimally.

You can make a pool measuring 8 x 10 x 1 meter. Types of ponds can be in the form of tarpaulin ponds, earthen ponds, or cement ponds.

Before adding the carp, you also need to add 200 grams of agricultural lime per meter.

2. Seed Selection

Selection of superior carp seeds is a factor of success in cultivation. Choose a 2 cm seed that is agile and healthy. Generally good seeds weigh about 100 grams.

3. Feeding 

In feeding, you need to pay attention to several important factors, starting from the type of feed, the frequency of feeding, and the amount of feed given. You can also provide alternative feeds such as maggot, bran, tofu dregs and snails.

4. Maintenance of Gurame Fish

You need to maintain the quality of the water so that the carp don't get sick. Make good water circulation so that water quality can be maintained.

Apart from that, you can also add water hyacinth to prevent excessive sunlight.

5. Harvesting Process

Before the harvesting process, you should look for carp buyers, either from collectors or restaurants. Thus, when harvesting fresh carp can be sold immediately. In addition, it is also important to carry out the sorting process to ensure quality carp that is sold.

Develop your Gurame Cultivation with Kabayan!

budidaya ikan gurame dengan kabayan

You have previously understood carp cultivation, from economic analysis to strategic steps for cultivation. From that, maybe you already intend to start cultivating, seeing the great economic potential of the carp cultivation business.

However, if you have problems when you want to develop carp cultivation, there are Kabayan!

Kabayan* (Love, Pay Later) is a product of eFishery who provide you with production inputs such as feed, which can be paid for after harvest.

What are you waiting for? With Kabayan, you can develop your dream cultivation business. Come on, develop your carp farming business together eFishery!

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