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Shrimp farming in round ponds is getting more and more attention from shrimp farmers, including the household sector and young people. This is because shrimp farming using round ponds is enough to reduce business operational costs, especially the procurement of aquaculture ponds.

In addition to considering the business side, such as capital, income and profits, you need to consider the density of seed stocking, water and oxygen circulation systems, to the right type of pond used so that the shrimp harvest is optimal.

One of the alternatives for shrimp farming is a round pond. This type of round pond is claimed to be more efficient than other types of ponds because it uses less land than shrimp cultivation ponds in general. The following is a more detailed description of the round pool.

Comparison of Square Ponds and Shrimp Cultivation Circular Ponds

In addition to round ponds, some farmers use square ponds as a medium for shrimp farming. 

Square ponds are claimed to be stronger than round ponds, but in fact square ponds cannot withstand abrasion, so you need to create a special security system so that the aquaculture pond remains standing.

The advantage of box ponds as a cultivation medium is the stocking density system which varies from extensive or traditional to super intensive methods. 

Meanwhile, on the technical side, box ponds have slow currents so that the shrimp feed takes a long time to gather in the middle of the pond.

You can build more than one box pool close together so that the system can work more optimally and the cultivation productivity will be higher. 

However, to enjoy all these advantages, you need to prepare quite a large amount of land development costs. Box ponds are made of earth or concrete, so land excavation is required and the method for making box ponds takes a long time.

Especially if you want to apply the biofloc system as a shrimp farming system, then this box pond is not suitable. Later, the earth wheel that is applied at the bottom of the aquaculture pond can affect water quality.

It is another case when using a round pond for vannamei shrimp cultivation. The cost of making a circular pool is quite cheap. 

In fact, there are several vendors selling round pools of various sizes and materials. You can find it at website, an online sales platform, or marketplace

Prices for round pools range from IDR 145,000 for the cheapest one with a diameter of 1 meter to IDR 3 million with a diameter of more than 5 meters.

The price for the round vannamei shrimp pond usually includes iron wiremesh, protective rubber, steel protective hose, and full drainage system

You can ask the seller about the details of the product you are going to get. When compared to the cost of making a square pool, of course a round pool will be much more economical.

The characteristics of a round pool include:

  1. Resistant to abrasion.
  2. Can be built on sandy land or land that is difficult to dry.
  3. Vaname shrimp feed centralization system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Circular Pool

For more details, here's a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of round pools and square pools.

Advantages of Round Pool vs Square Pool

kelebihan kolam bundar vs kolam kotak

The advantages of round pools compared to square pools are that you don't have to bother regularly cleaning the water in the pool because circular pools have a centralized disposal system so that they can clean the pool themselves.

Circular ponds have a fairly high current velocity and are capable of carrying any impurities including impurities in the form of organic matter to move towards central drain.

The quality of the water in the round pond is guaranteed because it is controlled by you so that the quality of the water in the vannamei shrimp pond does not easily decrease in quality.

You can see other advantages of round pools in the following table and at the same time compare them to the advantages of square pools.

Disadvantages of Round Pool vs Square Pool

kekurangan kolam bundar vs kolam kotak

If you are a type of farmer who likes to explore methods and methods for cultivating vannamei shrimp, such as how to cultivate vannamei shrimp in a round tarpaulin pond, then having a round pond is more appropriate.

By carrying out various methods and methods for cultivating vannamei shrimp, you will find the best ingredients to develop shrimp more optimally and minimize the spread of disease.

Even so, both round ponds and square ponds, both have their respective advantages and can be said to be the best if technically and the management of vannamei shrimp farming is right.

Tips for Cultivating Shrimp in a Round Pool

Tips for vannamei shrimp cultivation in round ponds to run more optimally.

1. Use Strong Materials as Foundation and Pond Construction

In order for circular ponds to be used as vannamei shrimp cultivation media for quite a long time, you must consider the basic materials for pond construction. 

Even if it's made of plastic, it's best to use LDPE or HDPE type plastic together with a steel frame. The goal is that the volume of water in the pool is stable.

2. Clean the Circle Pool

Whether using tarpaulin, plastic, concrete, or new casting, make sure that the round pond is clean and there are no unpleasant odors that can disturb the comfort of the shrimp. For example, the smell of rubber, the smell of plastic, or the smell of cement.

3. Prepare Other Supporting Equipment

Tools that must be prepared to support the shrimp ecosystem in round ponds include:

  • Tool for checking water quality
  • Pool cleaning tools
  • Water pump,
  • aerators,
  • Autofeeders.

4. Ensure Sufficient Water Supply

One way to ensure that the water supply in vannamei shrimp circular ponds is sufficient is to build a cultivation medium that has easy access to clean water.

5. Quality of Shrimp Benur is Guaranteed

We recommend using shrimp fry that have an SPF certificate, uniform color and are actively moving. The best quality shrimp fry is the key to the success of the vannamei shrimp farming business.

6. Application of Biosecurity

The biosecurity system is a system that can prevent the entry of pathogenic diseases in ponds. You do this by adding sterilized water to the aquaculture pond and separating the tools used in each round vaname shrimp pond.

7. Water Quality Control

Check and control water quality regularly, whether the water quality is at the ideal number for the growth of vannamei shrimp or vice versa. If needed do some treatments additives such as the use of lime, probiotics, or molasses.

8. Clean the Pool Using Organic Materials

Mr / Ms can use central drain to clean organic impurities in the pond. Even dirt such as dead plankton or dead valves can also be cleaned.

9. Change Water Regularly

If you see that the round pond has decreased in water quality, then you should replace the water with a new one. In order for the water quality to be distributed evenly, you need to use a waterwheel or aerator.

Things to Look For in Using a Round Pool

There are several factors that need to be considered when deciding to cultivate vannamei shrimp in round ponds, including:

  1. Building reservoir ponds as a measure to prevent the spread of disease in the main aquaculture ponds.
  2. Consider land efficiency.
  3. Considering the stocking density system is only limited to 100 heads per square meter. The denser it is, the more it can affect water quality, waste management, and the risk of contracting disease in shrimp.
  4. Maintain survival rates (SR) in high numbers and feed conversion ratio (FCR) at a low number in order to get maximum profit.
  5. Build a circular pond indoor to avoid a decrease in water quality when it rains which has an impact on the high stress level of shrimp.
  6. Reviewing the basic strength and thickness of circular pools, especially those made of plastic.
  7. Predict where to store the right aerator to minimize dead spots.
  8. Forming a water current that is not too fast nor too calm. The goal is that the shrimp's energy is not wasted just for swimming but is stored for the shrimp growth process.

Which is Right, Round Pool or Square Pool?

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After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of round ponds and square ponds as a medium for vannamei shrimp cultivation. Have you found the right pond to be used as a medium for vannamei shrimp cultivation?

Broadly speaking, box ponds are superior in providing guarantees of water quality so that shrimp growth is more optimal. However, limited business capital is the main factor in which round ponds are more profitable as vaname shrimp cultivation media.

To answer this solution, you can consult with the best Aquaculture experts regarding the right and best form of shrimp farming ponds through eFarm.

Besides you being able to consult about any obstacles in the cultivation process, there is a special feature of learning cultivation which is delivered directly by experienced aquaculture experts and technicians.

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