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Artemia shrimp feed is very necessary in the process of shrimp farming. Usually artemia is given to shrimp as natural food in the larval stage because artemia is a type of zooplankton that has very high nutrition and has a small size.

Feed for shrimp is divided into two, namely natural feed and artificial feed. Artificial feed is usually in the form of pellets, while natural feed usually uses plankton, detritus, mosquito larvae, and others. Usually, natural food is given to shrimp in the larval stage. One of the best natural feeds used for shrimp larvae is Artemia sp.

What are the contents of Artemia? Listen here!

Artemi content

Artemia is widely chosen as natural food because of its high nutritional content.

Artemia contains 56,29% protein, 9,28% fat, 13,92% ash, 2,06% crude fiber, and 18,48% BETN (Ingredient Without Nitrogen Extract).

When compared, the difference in nutrition Artemia sp. and shrimp-made feed in the form of fine crumble are as follows:

perbedaan nutrisi artemia dengan pakan buatan udang
Source: eFishery

The table above explains that the protein in artemia is higher than the shrimp-made feed. High protein content is needed by shrimp larvae to support their growth. That is why artemia is suitable for use as feed for shrimp larvae.

Benefits of Artemia for Shrimp Larvae

Artemia sp. is the right choice as natural food for shrimp larvae. Artemia has a small size, so it fits into the mouth opening and digestive tract of vannamei shrimp. 

Artemia has a complete and high nutritional content so it is very suitable for shrimp larvae protein needs which range from 55%. Fulfillment of protein sources in shrimp larvae makes their growth rate increase. On the other hand, if the larvae lack protein, their growth will be stunted. 

In addition to the benefits above, the use of artemia is considered very practical and effective for vannamei shrimp larvae.

Method of Feeding Artemia for Shrimp Larvae

Feeding Artemia for shrimp larvae is carried out every day, namely:

1.PL1-PL4 (Post Larva)

Frequency of administration : 4 times a day 

Delivery time : 6 hours once a day

2. PL5-PL10 shrimp larvae

Frequency of administration : 6 times a day 

Delivery time : 4 hours once a day

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Artemia is the right choice as a natural food for shrimp because it is compatible with the mouth opening and digestive system of shrimp larvae. Artemia is also very practical to use and contains good nutrition for shrimp larvae. However, if you are still confused about using artemia for shrimp, you can consult your problem through eFarm

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Questions Regarding Shrimp Feed Artemia

Small shrimp or larvae are usually given natural food such as Artemia. Artemia is widely chosen as a natural food because of its large nutritional content and small size, so it can adjust the digestive tract and mouth opening of shrimp larvae.

Yes, Artemia sp. is the right choice for shrimp larvae because of their small size, so they fit the digestive tract and mouth opening of shrimp larvae. In addition, artemia is also suitable as feed for shrimp larvae because it is practical and has a high nutritional content.

As natural food for shrimp larvae, Artemia sp. has a small size, so it can adjust the digestive tract and mouth opening of shrimp larvae. Feeding Artemia to shrimp larvae results in a high growth rate because it has a higher protein content than artificial feed, so that Artemia feed meets the body's needs for the growth of shrimp larvae.

The protein in Artemia is 56.29%, so Artemia is suitable as shrimp larvae feed because shrimp larvae require around 55% protein.

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