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Hello, Fellow Cultivators! 

Want to get hundreds of thousands of rupiah to buy feed? Or do you need additional income to develop a freshwater fish farming business? The answer is in one of the newest programs in the eFisheryKu application, namely the program Referral eFisheryKu!

Referral eFisheryKu is a program from eFishery where farmers who use the eFisheryKu application can get additional income! Through this program, cultivators can invite their cultivator friends to create a new account on the eFisheryKu application and get multiple benefits. The more Cultivators invited, the more benefits one would get!

Every Farmer who uses eFisheryKu will get a referral code. This code can be shared with your Farmer friends to use when they create a new eFisheryKu account. Every time a Farmer friend creates a new account using your referral code, you get a gift in the form of a discounted voucher for transactions on the eFisheryKu app!


This promo can be used by cultivators who have freshwater fish cultivation, both catfish, tilapia, goldfish, etc. And have an active eFisheryKu account.

Get vouchers up to 50 Thousand Rupiah* every 1 of your Cultivator friends uses 

your referral code to create an eFisheryKu account!!!

Total Prizes of Hundreds of Thousands of Rupiah!!!

How to Get Referral Code

  1. After opening the eFisheryKu application, click "View" to see the referral code.
  2. You can see the advantages of using the referral code. Click "Next" to see your code.
  3. Click “Share” to share the code with your Cultivator friends via social media.
  4. On the same page, you can check how many of your Cultivator friends have used your referral code.

How to Use eFisheryKu Referral Code

  • Share the referral code with Farmer friends who don't have an eFisheryKu account yet
  • Invite them to create an eFisheryKu account and enter your referral code when registering
  • You will immediately get voucher worth 10 thousand Rupiah when your friend finishes creating an account
  • If your friend uses their PromoKu voucher, you will get additional voucher worth 20 thousand Rupiah*
  • If your friend registers for the Kabayan program, you will get additional voucher worth 20 thousand Rupiah*

How to Use Your Voucher

  • Click "PromoKu" on the main page of the eFisheryKu application
  • You can see the voucher you have on the "PromoKu" page
  • Click “View” to view your voucher details
  • Follow the instructions on your voucher details

Let's invite your friends to join eFisheryKu!

*Terms and conditions:

  • Referral codes can only be obtained by cultivators who already have an eFisheryKu account.
  • The referral code can only be used by cultivators who don't have an eFisheryKu account yet.
  • Vouchers will appear in the PromoKu feature on the eFisheryKu application within 1 x 24 hours O'clock. If the voucher doesn't appear within that time, contact us via the Help feature on your eFisheryKu application.
  • Vouchers cannot be used together/combined with other promos/vouchers. Read the terms & conditions of each voucher that you will use.
  • The voucher you get can only be used during the validity period. Check the validity period of each voucher you get.