About Us

Founded in 2013, eFishery is the first ‘fishtech’ startup in Indonesia, provides an Internet of Things (IoT) solution and data platform for fish and shrimp farming businesses. The startup’s device allows for smart automatic feeding, making it easier for farmers to monitor and schedule feeding times using a smartphone app. This technology can also help to increase feed efficiency as well as daily growth; multiplying the profit of fish and shrimp farmers.

Until today, eFishery has been deployed to thousands of farms in 16 province and 67 cities/districts in Indonesia; from North Sumatera to Maluku. With that outreach, eFishery continuously develop product and services that can add value for the stakeholders in aquaculture and solving some of the biggest challenges that farmers face. In eFishery, we obsessively believe that technology can only be relevant when it creates impact. And that’s what we’re trying to do: bringing the impact and the future of aquaculture with technology; one farm at a time.