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Confused looking for extra on the sidelines of the busy cultivation? Want to be even more productive when it comes to maintaining your fish pond? 

Why not find a side activity where you can make some extra money? eFishery has some tips for those of you who want to try new things and can increase your income. Even though being a fish cultivator is a job that requires full attention, these five activities can still be done while cultivating, you know! 

Cultivate More Than 1 Commodity

This first activity is still about cultivation! For those of you who are not comfortable trying new things, you can do this one activity. Not all Farmers cultivate more than 1 type of fish, but this activity can open up opportunities for you to earn extra money.

Catfish, tilapia or catfish can be the commodities of choice for your side-cultivation. Arrange your commodity cultivation periods so they don't coincide. In addition, make sure that the feed management you use is appropriate for the age and type of commodity for your freshwater fish farming. eFisheryFeeder for Fish can help you manage spending more effectively, you know!

Online shop business

Do you want a part-time job that can make big profits? Here's the answer! With the various types of online buying and selling applications available, there are more and more online selling media that you can use. You can also sell various types of products, from homemade snacks to ornamental plants. 

If you don't have a particular product to sell yet, becoming a dropshipper can also be an alternative. A dropshipper is a seller of goods that does not keep stock of his goods in a store/private storage area. So, you can work with other stores to sell their products.

Create Social Media Content

In this digital era, content comes first. Content is a series of information that exists in the digital world, whether in text form such as articles, YouTube videos, or audio such as on radio.

If you are someone who likes to chat, content in the form of video or audio (podcasts) can be an option. Only armed with a camera and an editor application on your cellphone, you can create video or audio content. If you prefer to write, text content is definitely more suitable for you.

So, where can you share this content? Every where! YouTube and TikTok can be the top choices for long video content, while TikTok is for short videos. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can also be suitable alternative platforms for sharing content in the form of videos, photos and text.

Aquaponic Cultivation

Aquaponic cultivation technique is a technique that combines Aquaculture cultivation with Hydroponics, or plant cultivation using water media. In short, you can cultivate freshwater fish and garden at the same time!

This method does not require a large area of land, but can meet household needs, even for a home business. According to research by experts in Fisheries and Marine Sciences at one of the leading universities in West Java, you can get 2-3 times the harvest of vegetable crops in 1 fish farming cycle.

Share eFisheryKu Referral Code

You already know about eFisheryKu, right? Now, there is a new program on eFisheryKu that can be an additional source of income, you know!

Introduce, Referral eFisheryKu, a program where farmers using the eFisheryKu application can get additional income! Through this program, cultivators can invite their cultivator friends to create a new account on the eFisheryKu application and get multiple benefits. The more Cultivators invited, the more benefits one would get!

For every Cultivator friend who uses your referral code, you can get a voucher of up to 50 thousand Rupiah, with a total prize of hundreds of thousands of Rupiah!

For complete information about this program, click here

So, which way will you choose?

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