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tekan fcr udang vaname dan hemat pakan dengan efeeder
Press the Vaname Shrimp FCR and Save Feed with eFeeder

Vaname shrimp FCR is a ratio of the amount of feed needed to produce growth

biosecurity tambak udang doc 30
Must Know! Shrimp Pond Biosecurity for DOC 30!

Are vannamei shrimp <30 days old prone to disease?

kolam ikan mas
4 Types of Ponds for Goldfish Cultivation

Goldfish ponds have a crucial role in the success of goldfish farming.

air kolam berbusa
Fish Pond Water Foaming? Check Reasons & Ways to Prevent Here!

In aquaculture, you need to take good care of the fish. The trick is to prevent

formulasi pakan ikan
Want to Cultivating Success? Let's Make Fish Feed Formulation!

You may have wondered what the ideal composition of fish feed is. Actually, so to speak

pembeli ikan lele partai besar
Looking for Wholesale Catfish Buyers? eFisheryKu is the answer!

Have you ever been confused about finding buyers for wholesale catfish? The reason is, if

jenis plankton tambak udang dan pengaruhnya pada air
Recognize the Types of Plankton in Shrimp Ponds and Their Effects on Water

Plankton is a group of organisms that exist in water. Types of pond plankton

efishery sumbang 3,4 triliun terhadap PDB sektor akuakultur indonesia tahun 2022
eFishery Contributes IDR 3.4 Trillion to the GDP of the Indonesian Aquaculture Sector in 2022

eFishery has always been committed to helping Farmers grow and thrive since its founding

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5 Types of Feed for Newly Hatched Catfish

Healthy and high-quality catfish fry are the forerunner of success

metode penyimpanan pakan udang buatan
9 Storage Methods for Artificial Shrimp Feed to Maintain Feed Quality

Is a shrimp feed storage system necessary when cultivating shrimp? This is a question