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kolam ikan nila
Find out the type and size of 500-1000 tilapia fish ponds

Tilapia ponds have a fairly crucial role in the success of fish farming

teknologi budidaya udang vaname untuk optimalkan panen
4 Vaname Shrimp Cultivation Technologies to Optimize Harvest!

The potential for Indonesian aquaculture resources, especially vannamei shrimp, is quite large. The potential is

waktu molting udang vaname dipengaruhi fase bulan
Vaname Shrimp Molting Time Is Affected by Moon Phases? Is it true?

Hello Mister / Ms Shooters! Have you ever heard that vannamei shrimp molt

cara mengatasi ikan gurame mengambang
Effective Ways to Overcome Floating Gurame Fish

The carp floating on the surface of the aquaculture pond is a sign that fish

jenis-jenis pakan udang galah untuk budidaya
Types of Feed for Giant Prawns for Cultivation

One of the leading commodities that have high economic value from the cultivation sector

budidaya ikan nila di kolam tanah
Tips and Tricks for Successful Tilapia Cultivation in Ground Pools

Cultivating tilapia in earthen ponds has many advantages over other types of ponds

banner cara menghitung sr (survival rate) udang
Here's How to Calculate Shrimp SR Correctly!

Survival Rate (SR) and how to calculate the SR of shrimp are important things

sistem imun pada udang
Strengthen the Immune System in Shrimp in the Following 4 Ways!

The immune system in shrimp is important because it can protect shrimp

penyebab lele menggantung
Check the Causes and How to Overcome Hanging Catfish

Have you ever found catfish hanging on the surface of the water? Usually the catfish head will

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The Secret to Success in the Catfish Seed Business is Here!

The catfish seed business opportunity can be a great source of income for