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bioflok ikan nila
Discussion of Tilapia Biofloc: Stages, Methods, and Tips

The tilapia biofloc cultivation system is one of the most common cultivation systems

udang lemas hingga kematian udang
Weak Shrimp Until the Shrimp Dies? Here's How to Overcome It!

Shrimp cultivation is known to be difficult and has quite a lot of problems, especially in

analisa usaha ikan nila 1000 ekor
Example of 1000 Tilapia Business Analysis, Complete!

Are you looking for a new commodity to cultivate? If so, read the article

apakah udang kanibal
Are Cannibal Shrimp? Check the Answers Here!

The question of whether shrimp are cannibals is one of the most frequently asked questions.

harga ikan gurame
Latest and Updated List of Gurame Fish Prices per Kg!

In Indonesia, carp prices often experience increases and decreases which do not

mengatasi udang loncat
Why Do Shrimp Jump in Ponds? Read the Explanation Here!

Shrimp behavior has differences between one type and another, such as

jenis ikan air tawar
7 Types of Freshwater Fish That Bring Profit When Cultivated

Indonesia is one of the countries that has the most types of fish in the world.

deteksi penyakit tsv pada udang
See Easy Ways to Detect TSV Disease in Shrimp Correctly!

TSV disease in shrimp or often called red tail shrimp disease is a disease

manfaat molase untuk udang
Know the Benefits of Molasses for Shrimp in Ponds!

Farmers must know the benefits of molasses for shrimp. Because in the process of cultivating disease

anak ikan nila baru lahir
Newborn Tilapia Chicks: Care and Types of Feed

The key to the success of tilapia farming is how you take care of the young tilapia