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Check 7 Benefits & Ways to Use Fish Salt Here!

There are many benefits of fish salt that can help fish grow. Ladies and gentlemen

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Fast and Reliable Fish Selling Place is Here!

Traditional markets and supermarkets are usually the places to sell the fish that fish cultivators like

How to Overcome White Feces Disease in Vaname Shrimp

The emergence of diseases that attack the productivity of the shrimp digestive system is a serious problem for shrimp

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How to Grow Plankton Fast in Shrimp Ponds

There are many ways to grow plankton fast. Plankton are important for shrimp farming

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This is how to cultivate carp to grow big fast

Hello, Mr/Mrs Cultivators! Do you already know how to cultivate carp so that you can?

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6 Best Types of Natural Fish Feed for Cultivation

Natural fish food is feed whose raw materials are taken directly from nature.

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Catfish Probiotics: Tips, How to Use, and How to Make it

Catfish probiotics are a type of additional feed containing good microorganisms

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5 Types of Pomfret That Are Profitable in Cultivation

Based on its origin, there are two types of pomfret, namely freshwater pomfret

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Shrimp Hatchery: Business Potential and Success Tips

In 2024, the government has a vision to make Indonesia an exporter

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Tricks on how to choose high-quality goldfish broodstock

With superior carp seeds, it is possible to get quality crops