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ciri ciri ikan terkena aeromonas
5 Characteristics of Fish Affected by Aeromonas to Watch Out for!

Aeromonas hydrophila bacteria is the bacteria responsible for the death of 125 tons

cara budidaya udang vaname di tambak tradisional
5 Ways to Cultivate Vaname Shrimp in Traditional Ponds & Their Prospects

How to cultivate vannamei shrimp in traditional ponds is an important knowledge for

perbedaan lele jantan dan betina
What's the difference between male and female catfish? Check Here!

Hello Sir/Madam! Have you had any difficulties finding the differences between male catfish all this time?

jenis ikan lele
5 Types of Catfish that Grow Big Fast, Suitable for Cultivation!

Hello Sir/Madam! Are you a catfish cultivator? Or just interested to

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Catfish Feed: Nutritional Needs, Types & Tips for Feeding!

The catfish feed provided is the key to the success of your cultivation. the nutrition

cara pemijahan ikan gurame
6 Easy and Successful Ways to Spawn Gurame Fish!

The method of spawning carp is important for carp cultivators to master. You can

budidaya ikan gurame
How to Cultivate Gurame Fish to Get Big Money!

Cultivation of carp is one of the fishery cultivation that generates a lot of money

pemasaran ikan lele
8 Effective and Profitable Catfish Marketing Tricks!

A catfish marketing strategy is needed by catfish farming businesses so that their business can grow

budidaya udang vaname bioflok
Steps & Stages of Biofloc Vaname Shrimp Cultivation

Generally, the problem with shrimp farmers is the high cost of buying shrimp feed which has an impact

makanan ikan mujair
Tips for Feeding Mujair Fish to Grow Big Fast!

Farmers friends who want to cultivate tilapia fish should know tilapia fish food