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ikan dori vs ikan patin
Dory Fish vs. Patin Fish: What's the Difference?

Hi, ladies and gentlemen! Surely you are no stranger to hearing the name of this one fish.

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Types of Freshwater Shrimp that are Often Cultivated

Freshwater shrimp is a very popular animal for cultivation. Market demand

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Let's Buy Fish Feed Online with the Buy Feed Feature on eFisheryKu!

Hello, Mr/Mrs Cultivators! Now, Mr / Ms Farmers can buy feed directly such as

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cara bayar kabayan di efisheryku
Here's How to Pay Kabayan on eFisheryKu with the Billing Feature!

Now, paying Kabayan bills can be easier and faster via eFisheryKu! As

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Selling Fish Feed Online, Just Buy it at eFisheryKu!

Hi, Cultivator! Are you looking for a place that sells fish feed online?

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Get Big Profits by Starting a Catfish Farm!

Catfish is one of the fish that is very popular with cultivators. The risk of crop failure

kabayan bisnis ikan nila makin besar
Cultivation Story: Kabayan Helps Growing Fish Farming Business!

eFishery always strives to create a positive impact, especially for the Farmers and

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How to Calculate Tilapia FCR for More Profitable Farming!

Hello, Mr/Mrs Cultivators! Feed is one of the most important elements in cultivation

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The Best Types of Catfish Food to Grow Big Fast

Hello, Mr/Mrs Cultivators! Feed is certainly one of the most important factors when