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5 New Ways for Farmers to Increase Income!

Confused looking for extra on the sidelines of the busy cultivation? Want to be more productive again

Cara mudah dapat banyak untung
Invite Cultivator Friends: An Easy Way to Get Big Profits

Hello, Fellow Cultivators! Want to get hundreds of thousands of rupiah to buy feed?

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eFishery Launches DPS, Shrimp Disease Prevention Program

Shrimp farming is becoming an increasingly promising business. However, outbreaks of disease are frequent

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Increasing Confidence in Copy Tilapia Cultivation

Tilapia is one of the favorite freshwater fish in Indonesia. It feels like

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Suryo: Grow Business with Kabayan Financial Services

Capital is one of the most influential supporting factors for the cultivation business.

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The Key to Cultivating Success in the Transitional Season

Entering May, the transition season stalks the cultivator business. Erratic weather

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Pay Attention to This Before Applying for a Productive Loan!

For fish farming business people, capital is often the main problem