Grow Together
Building an End-to-End
Aquaculture Solution with Technology

Growing an Aquaculture Ecosystem,
One Pond at a Time

Feed the Fish,
Feed the World

Due to the pandemic's lingering effects on global food security, around 660 million people will still be hungry in 2030. Aquaculture, as one of the fastest-growing business sector, has the potential to significantly contribute to food security. eFishery believes that the future is Aquaculture. Using technological advancements, we are now constructing an end-to-end value chain for the fish and shrimp farming businesses, resulting in an integrated, sustainable ecosystem strong enough to strengthen global food security for days to come.

efishery team

We’ve Come This Far!

Growing>23.000 farmers

Digitising70.000 fish & shrimp ponds

Connecting>5.500 farmers to fair financing program

Feeding the world with 4.500 tonnes of fishery products
Reducing the source of water pollution by 30% produced by aquaculture process

Let's Grow Together
Join us and enjoy these perks while making an impact.