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The Good Shrimp From Indonesia

How We Processed Our Shrimp

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Produced with high quality international standards; No over glazing, 

0% antibiotics, 0% phosphate, and 100% certification.

It’s a natural and fresh shrimp!

Top Notch Quality Control

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Handled in accordance with world-class quality control standards, shipped with right duration and temperature.

Unique Packaging

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Check not only about the story of how our shrimp is being produced, processed, and shipped,

Our Mission

Feed the World

Provide Affordable

Create Inclusive
Digital Economy

Our Community Farmers Development Concept

The Circle Of Kindness

Our Quality Control


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The Processing

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The Shipment

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Customer Satisfaction

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Our Milestones

eFishery was founded by Gibran and Chrisna as founder and co-founder in October 2013 with a vision that enables them to help farmers have a better living..

Gibran and Chrisna, assisted by three engineers, started to research and develop automatic fish feeder prototypes as the first action that was expected to realize the vision.

After the company’s beginnings, eFishery established a head office and a production warehouse to increase production and commercialization capacity.

After two years of development, the prototype of our automatic fish feeder, later named eFishery Fish Feeder, started to be mass-produced and commercialized across the country.

A year after the eFishery Fish Feeder release, eFishery Shrimp Feeder was introduced as an automatic feeder specifically designed to suit shrimp feeding system.

eFishery launched another product called eFisheryFresh, a supply-chain system that connects farmers to buyers.

eFishery released KABAYAN, a program that connects Farmers with financial institutions that grant them feed and facility purchasing with various payment periods.

To further engage more Farmers, we launched eFisheryPoint as our branch office in areas across the country.

eFishery launched eFisheryku, a mobile app that is expected to help fish Farmers improve their cultivation process. In the same year, eFishery also started to develop other services for harvest distributions of shrimp and fish commodities.

eFishery launched eFarm, a mobile app developed as a tool that shrimp Farmers can use to monitor and manage their shrimp farm. Soon after, eFishery released new series of automatic feeder named eFeeder 5.

Taste The Good Shrimp From Indonesia

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