Mengubah Industri Akuakultur, dari Bandung untuk Indonesia menuju dunia

Lahirkan kembali diri Anda sebagai eFisherian dalam perjalanan membuat ikan menjadi sumber protein terbesar di dunia.

Business Analyst

Department: Fresh & Marketplace

Level: Experienced

Lokasi: Bandung

Job Description :

Your daily routines will be :

  • Plan and develop an operational system in eFishery fresh from fish processing to delivery
  • Crate development roadmap in operational including planning, monitoring and controlling
  • Collaborate and coordinate with another department to develop needed tools
  • Analyse the operational cost and involve in the operational audit process
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency in the operational process to achieve excellent operation

Requirements :

You'll enjoy (or survive, depends on the case) if you :

  • have at least 1-year experience in operating system development
  • Familiar with the fish product operation (fresh and/or processed)
  • Are an active individual or team player who eager to create an impactful result
  • Are a disciplined individual in data input and/or create a report for internal utilisation
  • A handy individual who is willing to work both field and office for work purposes

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