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We started with a small team of 4 people in 2013. Each of us had our own dream. Then we shared our passion, our dream, and we built eFishery. Now, we are a 48-strong team collecting ubiquitous talent from various background and discipline. But the goal remains the same: bring the future of aquaculture. 

We bring that future by tailoring solutions for farmers, especially with technology that combined solutions from multiple aspects. We try to find a formula to eliminate inefficiency and accelerate the learning cycle in aquaculture.

We call it hacking the growth of farmers

Our Team

Damba Putrabangga

Software Engineer

Adi Nugroho

Mechanical Engineer

Annisa Nur Haryanti

Customer Outreach Officer

Bella Fitriani

Workshop Administrator

Ahmad Anshorimuslim

Software Engineer

Dessi Hertawati-Area Sales Manager
Dessy Hertawati

Area Sales Manager

Gibran Huzaifah


Chrisna Aditya Wardani-CIO
Chrisna Aditya


Rully Setya Purnama


Ardi Kurniawan-Electrical Engineer
Ardi Kurniawan

Mechanical Engineer

Sulthan Castrena

VP of Manufacturing

Hawa Firdausy

Content Manager

Dimas Sandya S
Dimas Sandya

Head of Special Project

Gandhi Munggaran

Production Supervisor

Tellus Prabowo

GA Manager

Sjarif Hidayat

Back-end Developer

Try Ajitiono

Front-end Developer

Adillah Ridha Azizah

Account Manager


Lead Field Technician

Ade Nurhadi Cahyo-Project Officer
Ade Nurhadi Cahyo

Field Officer

Dimas Gilang Toyo

Data Scientist

Irwan Riswandi

Quality Assurance Officer

Billy Bardiana

Procurement Officer

Indra Rossche

UI/UX Specialist

Fajar Darozat

Lead Nerd

Hendi Chandra


Muhammad Iqbal

Embedded Engineer

Regi Permana

Field Officer

Linoharsih Khoirunnisa

Senior Accounting Officer

Fauzan Jaelani-Technician
Fauzan Jaelani


Nuryuniarti-Customer Service Officer

Customer Service Officer

Muhammad Nursin


Dadang Hermawan

Field Officer

Dwi Enamarty Sriyantini-Customer Relation Supervisor
Dwi Enamarty

Sales Planning Supervisor


Field Officer

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