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The Smartest Fish Feeding Technology

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eFishery Description

The Smartest Fish Feeding Technology


Main Features of eFishery


Smart Feeder

Feed your fish with the pre-installed algorithm that is connected to an appetite sensor. The feeding would be more efficient and smarter than ever.


Real-time Monitoring

eFishery reports the time and amount of the feeding, real-time, to the internet. You can access it from your personal dashboard, through your smartphone, tablet, or PC; anytime and anywhere.


Easy to Use

eFishery is the most user-friendly feeding technology that is available in the market. Easy to install, easy to set, and easy to use; also has remote feature. This would be your best friend for your feeding business!

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eFishery can be used in any type of farms: freshwater, marine water, cages, concrete ponds, and all others. But for the type of fish, right now eFishery can only be applied to carp fish, catfish, tilapia, snapper, and white shrimp (vannamei). We are still developing for other fishes.

You just need to put eFishery in the side of the pond, plug two wires, and it is ready to go. For the first time setting, you just need to pick the type of fish, the age, the number of fish in the ponds, the feed pellet size, and feeding frequency. After that, eFishery will active from the first day until the harvesting time. Do not worry, our smart algorithm and sensor will take care the rest.

eFishery records the amount and time of feeding, real-time, and sends it to our server. These data is shown to you by graphic and table which you can filter, export, and collect easily.

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