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Career at eFishery Who Survive

Choose Your Superpower

Who survive at eFishery

Pure Entrepreneur Individual

Those who value responsibility and give maximum dedication to eFishery's works.

Believer of Farmer First

Believe that customer satisfaction is the main objective in working at eFishery.

Impactful Result Maniac

Focus on provide positive contribution to company and work environment.

Hate Slow

A speedy executor and a fast thinker who execute their action right away.

Uncompromised Integrity and Genuinely Honest

Knowledge is power but character is more important.

Master of effective and efficient communicator

Able to deliver yet accept information in effective and efficient way.

Innovator and Growth Seeker

Actively seek for self-development and innovate unique yet original ideas.

Full packed Action Individual

Embody every words and responsibility into the real works.

Benefits and Perks

We're helping you loving your job

Animal and Pet Friendly

Gabung bersama kami, di sini kamu akan menjadi bagian dari tim profesional tapi tetap fun dan bersahabat.

Company Clubs

Kesehatan kamu tetap jadi perhatian utama kami. Sarana dan kegiatan olahraga menyenangkan kita siapkan untuk menjaga kesehatan kamu. Stay health and strong!

Café Look Alike Open Space

Kamu sakit? Jangan takut,kita menyediakan pelayanan medis untuk bantu kamu dapet penanganan kesehatan.

Embrace Individual Differences

Semua kebutuhan penunjang pekerjaan kamu, kita siapkan di sini.

Home-cooked Lunch

You are what you eat. Kita menyediakan makanan sehat dan enak untuk menunjang kegiatan kamu biar tetap semangat saat bekerja.

Work with a View

Be fun! Yuk gabung sama kita dan have more fun more than ever!